There is a jackpot that can be increased using progressive slots. These can be separate slot machines, where the jackpot increases only on one slot, or slot machines combined into a network, where the jackpot grows in all slots of the network. These networks may be owned by the casino or maybe networked between multiple casinos. Megabucks is one example of such games that are networked between several casinos at once.

       These games require a tiny percentage of each wager to maintain the jackpot, which allows the jackpots in these games to become much larger than in any other slot machines.

Jackpot Counters

Jackpot Counters

     One of the features of all progressive jackpot slots is the jackpot counter, which shows the current size of the jackpot. This counter is usually large and brightly colored and is placed above the slot machines. You can literally watch the jackpot grow as people throw their coins into the machines.

     Online slots also have jackpot counters, which you can see in the casino software itself. You will also find these counters on numerous information sites promoting similar games and casinos.

Maximum Bet

      The most important thing you must know about progressive slots is that you need to keep your game on maximum all the time to get the prize. Never proceed to progress slots until you decide to go to maximum bets. You can win without the maximum bets but you will be disappointed with the results. 

Winning Is A Key

Winning Is A Key

       There are only two games that can let you win the million. All loved lottery winners can provide you this chance. Also our main topic theme the progressive slots can do that as well.  However, you will be more likely to win a million dollars by playing the lottery, believe it or not.

       Yet, some interesting observations should be taken into account. First, the probabilities of this kind are so negligible that in a practical sense there is no difference. Is 1 in 25 million really different from 1 in 50 million? Imagine you have $25 million. You could buy yourself whatever you want. But even 50 million will allow you to buy whatever you want. In any case, one dollar will be completely insignificant for you.

     You can use a similar psychological approach when considering these odds. Besides, what do you think is more fun? Buy 500 lottery tickets or play 500 spins on a slot machine? Both of these activities will have a similar cost, but only one of them will deliver much more entertainment. Here’s a hint – the visual and sound effects of slot machines will be much more interesting than checking 500 lottery tickets for a certain set of numbers.


      Megabuck and progressive slots always stay side by side on any topic. This name is given to several lotteries at once, but it is better known as the armored name of a separate network of slot machines. In fact, this is the most famous and largest progressive jackpot in the world.

    Megabucks is a product of IGT (International Game Technology). The jackpot starts at $10 million (previously it started at $7 million) and starts growing from there. The jackpot once peaked at $39 million before it was won by some lucky person. As is the case with all lottery jackpots, people who win the Megabucks jackpot can opt for lifetime payouts or a one-time cash payout.

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